Hi, my name is Obed Ledezma. I am a graduate of the New York City College of Technology (Class of 2020) and, I majored in Advertising. My concentrations are Graphic Design, Art Direction, and Creative Technologies. Art is something that has been around my life for as long as I can remember. When I got to college, I realized sooner or later that this was the field for me. I am proficient in Adobe and offer a diverse set of skills listed below but first and foremost, let's get to know who I am.

About Obed

Try visualizing a young boy from Uptown, Manhattan of, Afro-Dominican and Mexican descent trying to do magic tricks continuously through his creativity, continuity, and work ethic. As a creative thinker, my mind creates flow, generating those magic tricks that keep the show going. Practicality with a dash of the heart is part of that magical recipe. I love chocolate chip cookies, the beach, and music, other ingredients to that recipe. Throughout my creative career, there have been turns; but my eye stays on the prize. Those prizes are consistent creativity being thought-driven and optimistic. The world of advertising is like a tree with branches, leaves, and roots. If I were to position myself on that tree, I would be at the roots, the primal and beginning of that growth. Every day I work to create goals for myself and doing what is best to achieve them. Every time those goals are met, a new white bunny jumps of the hat, equating to success. To conclude, in the long term, my goals are to have an everlasting, wealthy career within the creative world.


Adobe Creative Suite • Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe InDesign

Adobe Dreamweaver • Photography • Canva • Hootsuite

WordPress • Visual Builder • Fluent in Spanish • Elementary Italian

My experiences in these courses have taken contributed to my knowledge and foundation of advertising and media promotion. Those courses are Digital Media Foundations I, Graphic Design Principles I and II, Raster and Vector Graphics, Typographic II, and Media and Foundation of Drawing. These courses have given me the understanding and knowledge to take on a job within the advertising and design field.


• Graphic Designer and Social Media Specialist, Dominicanos USA 2018

• Marketing Communications (MarCom) Intern/ Associate, United Way of NYC 2021

• Data Analytics, Design and Strategy Intern for MAIP 2020


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