Hi, my name is Obed Ledezma and I am graduate of the New York City College of Technology. I majored in Communication Design and my concentrations are Graphic and Web Design and Advertising. Art is something that has been around my life for as long as I can remember. When I got to college I realized sooner or later that this was the field for me. I am profiecient in the usage of Adobe programs and others listed below but first and foremost lets get to know who I am.

About Obed

Try visualizing a young boy from Uptown, Manhattan of Afro-Latino descent trying to do magic tricks continuously through his creativity, continuity, and work ethic. As a creative thinker, my mind is what creates flow, generating those magic tricks that keep the show going. Practicality with a dash of the heart is part of that magical recipe. I love chocolate chip cookies, the beach, and music, other ingredients to that recipe. Throughout my career, there have been many turns; but my eye has always been on the prize. Those prizes are staying creative, thought driven and optimistic through it all. The world of advertising is like a tree with branches, leaves, and roots. If I were to position myself on that tree, I would be at the roots, the primal and beginning of that growth. Today I am working to create goals for myself daily and doing what is best for me to achieve them. Every time those goals are completed, a new white bunny jumps of the hat becoming a success. In the long term, my goals are to have an everlasting, wealthy career within the creative world.


Adobe Creative • Suite Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe InDesign

Adobe Dreamweaver • Photography • Canva • Hootsuite

WordPress • Visual Builder • Fluent in Spanish • Elementary Italian

My experiences in the courses that I have taken, have contributed to my knowledge and foundation of advertisement and media promotion. Those courses are Digital Media Foundations I, Graphic Design Principles I and II, Raster and Vector Graphics, Typographic II and Media and Foundation of Drawing. These courses have given me the understanding and knowledge to take on a job within the advertisement and design field.


• Graphic Designer and Social Media Specialist, Dominicanos USA 2018

• Marketing Communications (MarCom) Intern, United Way of NYC 2020

• Data Analytics, Design and Strategy Intern for MAIP 2020